Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"The Mighty Cheeseburger Cake"

This is a cake I designed and made for my Husband's birthday this year. It was also my first time working with homemade fondant, and it proved challenging hence the bottom layer not being smooth! I have corrected that issue now, however, and really enjoy working with fondant.

The bottom layer and "bun" are both made of yellow butter cake, with fluffy vanilla buttercream and MMF (marshmallow fondant) in the case of the bottom layer. I decided not to cover the "bun" in fondant because it was supposed to be a bun and was already bread-like without my help! I will never understand why people cover their fondant buns when trying to make realistic burger cakes!

-The mayo and ketchup are colored piped buttercream
-The condiments, fries and gumballs are all made of hand painted fondant
-The "sesame seeds" are pearl colored non-perils
-The "burger patty" was made with dark chocolate fudge brownies

It took me about 4 hours to make, but it was well worth it! I had never attempted to  make a specialty cake before this, and was really shocked when it came out looking like something other than cake! So, here lies the beginning of my adventures with fondant. The next cake I ended up doing really demonstrates how beautiful and smooth fondant can be when you get the hang of it!

See you next time!
Jessica Marie

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