Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Argyle Cake

This cake was one I did for a special friend's birthday party. She loves Argyle print, and Earthy colors so I designed this cake as a surprise for her! It's made from double chocolate tort, homemade German chocolate coconut-pecan filling and topped with a handmade dark chocolate "L" monogram. The green "gumballs" were fondant while the brown ones were malted milk balls! I figured they would taste better and add variety to the cake, not to mention make my job easier!

The difficult part for me with this cake was the geometric design, getting it to fit evenly on the round surface, and the fact that I had to make my own stencil for the diamonds out of paper lol and hand cut each one with an exacto-blade. I am sure I could have ordered a cutter online, but it was short notice. It took forever!

This is about learning for me, as much as it is about showing what I can do for potential future clients, and this cake really taught me a great deal about the importance of measuring when doing precise patterns! Next time, I will be much better prepared! Overall, a big success. Happy Birthday Liz!

Take care everyone!
Jessica Marie

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