Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Meet the Quintessential Kitty Cat Cake!

This cake I made for my Son's 2nd Birthday party. It was by far the most complicated, long drawn out process I have ever done! It looks so simple, but believe it or not it took me about 9 hours to complete from start to finish. I was still covered from head to toe in sugar and food coloring when the guests started to arrive! Eek! However, this cake was totally worth it. My Son loved it so much he wouldn't eat it at first, opting to whisper sweet nothings in it's ears and meow at it instead! He loved petting it! It was so precious to me.

The cake itself is made out of a vanilla rainbow chip cake mix, yes, I cheated! I knew I had a HUGE task in decorating and assembling this cake in time for the party and just opted on the safe side, being that it was the day of the party!
The body and head are both made out of two layers of cake and are filled with a special homemade dark chocolate ganache filling similar to that which you would find in a truffle center. It was truly decadent!  In addition to being fondant covered, the surface of the cake was sealed prior to, with homemade vanilla buttercream.

-The tail, legs, paws and facial features are all made of fondant
-The facial features were mostly hand painted
-The "coat" is hand marbled fondant (color kneaded in)
-The only parts that were inedible were the wire whiskers, respectively

I so enjoyed sharing this cake with all of my friends and family! This was a very special day I will not soon forget...

Until next time,
Jessica Marie

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