Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rice Crispie Pops - Happy Birthday Chantz!

RKT Pops made using the Wilton Series of Cookie Pop Pans!         

I just had to post these! These were so SO Much fun to make! It was my little brother's birthday so I decided upon something fun and delicious as a birthday treat in the mail ;) All I did was make some rice crispy treats and using the Wilton Cookie Pop Pan (find it in my NEW OpenSky store!) pressed the hot mixture in after being thoroughly greased. I pushed the sticks in while they were cooling, and melted some yummy chocolates, colored the chocolate using oil based food colorings, had a ball with sprinkles (who doesn't like sprinkles!) and voila! He loved them so much he wouldn't eat them! He is such a little love. I love you Chantz!

You can find the standard RKT recipe on the back of any Rice Crispies cereal box =) Nothing fancy in that recipe and oh-so easy! I would imagine you might even leave these "blank" so to speak and let the kids decorate them with frosting, candies, let your imagination go wild! The hot melted chocolate might not be such a good idea for little ones, unless you REALLY like to clean! lol

Take care everyone, and wish us "Happy Travels" and we make our way to our new home overseas!

Jessie aka Jemoiselle

PS Check out my new OpenSky Store, where I will be selling the products I use to make these treats and more, products I truly use and believe in! How cool!

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