Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Batman Cake!


This cake was an amazing feat for me, it is huge! By far the largest I have ever attempted. It was a 14" and a 10" double layer two tier, made with a homemade vanilla almond scratch cake, filled with a decadent semi-sweet chocolate ganache. It was covered in a thick layer of vanilla buttercream then fondant and accented with handmade semi-sweet chocolate plastic, also known as modeling chocolate. It was stacked and then covered with a shimmery dusting of edible glitter to really catch the eye.

I think this little guy is going to be one happy birthday boy! What an incredible learning experience...I feel so much more confident with larger cakes now! My heartfelt thanks goes out to family this was for, they took a big risk on me (I'm a rookie, right?) and I am SOOO glad it paid off and they are happy. She got a fabulous creation for her little love, and I got the most incredible experience I have had yet in assembling large layers and covering them with fondant. It doesn't get any sweeter than that!

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