Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Special Baby Shower..

I made this cake for a good friend's baby shower, it was my gift ;) I got to play hostess for the first time ever, and it went well I think!

The cake was a 10'' and 6'' Almond Butter Cake, filled with Semi-sweet chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream. The fondant was a new kind of fondant for me, normally I make homemade MMF (Marshmallow Fondant) but this time I got crazy and made it from scratch, using a recipe where instead of using marshmallows you use gelatin and effectively make your own. Both are "scratch" recipes compared to buying it in a store, but being the purist I am, I just had to kick it up a notch. It took two tries to get it to come out right, lol.  But, the second time was a charm and we ended up with a lovely cake that everyone enjoyed, including me! How often do I get to eat my own cakes?

Congrats again to Janelle, we're all excited to meet Mr. Dylan any day now!

Until next time,
Jemoiselle aka Jessie

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